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About the Author

The Relativity of Light is a treatise written by Justin M. Jacobs, which thoroughly examines Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. He wrote about his research in layman’s terms so that the general public could comprehend it.
From the time Jacobs was 14 years old, he was captivated by physics and cosmology. Over the next 40 years, he read all that he could on these subjects. In 1992, he discovered the book The Big Bang Never Happened, and this changed his life. Jacobs spent the next five years systematically investigating the many theories of the expanding universe and the big bang.
While conducting his research, he realized that many of the currently accepted theories of cosmology were based upon Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, and his Special Theory of Relativity. Jacobs then spent over 17 years researching and writing The Relativity of Light. This treatise is revolutionary and controversial, and it exposes what Jacobs concluded were many of Einstein’s false concepts.
Lacking a formal degree in physics and mathematics, Jacobs’ Stanford under-graduate degree, his law degree from Boalt Hall at UC Berkeley, and many years of research and immersion enabled him to decipher Einstein’s works.
Jacobs also wrote two other treatises entitled Relativity of Gravity, which analyzes Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, and The Day the Universe Stopped Expanding, which scrutinizes Einstein’s theory of a Finite Spherical Universe and other related theories.