Letter from the Author – Relativity of Light

Letter from the Author

July 8, 2009


Re: The Empirical Invalidity of Einstein’s Special Relativity


Dear Reader,
Our 42-chapter treatise, Relativity of Light, explains in great detail what Einstein was trying to accomplish with his Special Theory of Relativity, and why almost all of it is empirically invalid. The first 33 chapters are now in semi-final draft form, are published on the web, and are ready for critical review. This has been a 10-year project.
In the Preamble to our treatise, Einstein vividly demonstrates (in his own words) his total misunderstanding and confusion about Maxwell’s theory concerning the velocity of light in a vacuum. This confusion resulted in Einstein’s fundamental false premise for his Special Theory, which in turn was invented to justify and confirm his false premise. The Preamble also fully explains Einstein’s fundamental false premise, which is the key to understanding everything about Special Relativity that follows in the chapters.
In addition, our treatise explains Einstein’s many other false premises, the three different velocities of light in a vacuum, the real reasons for the Michelson & Morley null results (Chapter 12), the quantum reason for the wave-particle duality of light, the quantum reasons for Fizeau’s 1851 interference of light results (Chapter 7), why there are no empirical confirmations of Special Relativity, and many other previously unknown revelations. There are over 200 illustrations & charts attached to the chapters to aid the reader to fully understand the text. The footnotes and authorities are extensive.
We accept constructive criticisms, comments and suggestions from the readers, which may be sent to . Please feel free to disseminate this email to other potential readers.


JMJ, the Author