MEMO 1.1
Some of Einstein’s Major False Assumptions with Respect to Special Relativity

1.  That the velocity of a light ray propagating in the vacuum of empty space maintains the same impossible magnitude of c relative to all material bodies which are linearly moving at v relative to the light ray.

2.  That a ray of light emitted in Michelson’s apparatus must propagate a greater distance to and fro between relatively stationary mirrors in the direction of such apparatus’ motion through space.

3.  That Galileo’s mechanics principle of relativity is a fundamental law of nature which also applies to electromagnetics and optics (light).

4.  That transformation equations could meaningfully be applied to the constant velocity of light at c.

5.  That the magnitudes of all physical phenomena (except light) vary with their relative velocities.

6.  That hand and eye coordinate measurements and transformation equations from one inertial reference frame to another are an empirically valid way to measure any physical phenomenon.

7.  That the ponderable (weighable) mass of a body increases with its relative velocity.

8.  That time and distance are relative quantities which vary with their relative velocity.

9.  That the classical addition of velocities is not generally valid for measurements.

10. That electromagnetic mass is equivalent to ponderable inertial mass.

11. That the mass of matter and its energy are completely equivalent.

12. That all physical phenomena must be Lorentz transformed in order to retain the same empirical laws of physics in all frames of reference with different velocities.

13. That mathematical simultaneity is the same as empirical simultaneity.

14. That all material bodies are measured to contract in the direction of their relative motion.

15. That time measured by moving clocks slows down depending upon their relative velocity.

16. That all physical phenomena must be symmetrical.

17. That our perceived duration of time is not a universal constant.

18. That mathematical equations and interpretations of time can confirm the empirical validity of mathematical concepts.

19. That all of the physical laws of nature can be discovered, described and understood with mathematics alone.

20. That any arbitrary mathematical theories, assumptions, methodology, manipulations, interpretations, rationalizations, computations, consequences, or the like could be justified as equivalent to empirical observations.

21. That artificial and distorted measurements in one reference frame have any validity in another reference frame, or any validity in the abstract.

This is not a complete list of Einstein’s false assumptions by any means.  The mathematical consequences of Special Relativity have produced many more false assumptions over the years.  The extensions and compounding of all of these false assumptions by mathematical physicists have resulted in uncountable more false mathematical concepts.  This is not amazing considering the vast number of false premises that they all started with, and which they all continue to believe.  There now exists a humongous pseudo-science of ad hoc relativistic concepts that empirically are totally invalid.

In order to demonstrate the truth of the authors’ above assertions, he will have to systematically scrutinize and describe the fallacies of the entire subject of relativity, from its early causes to its current state, and expose one false assumption and one false concept at a time. Once a false concept is completely understood to be empirically invalid and meaningless, it will thereafter be cited and referred to in order to demonstrate the fallacies of the next false concept, and so on.  Only when we have demonstrated the fallacies of many of Einstein’s ad hoc assumptions and his absurd relativistic concepts, can the reader look back and begin to realize the enormous, distorted and destructive pseudo-scientific monster which Einstein and his followers have created…out of thin air.